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November 24, 2014
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‘Vision’ pure water additive is the first in a long line of additives to help window cleaners achieve better and faster results with water fed pole window cleaning.

There is no doubt that pure water does a fantastic job at cleaning windows, but have you ever felt that you need that extra ‘oomf’ or power?

At Jigsaw innovations we believe that window cleaning with pure water technology can sometimes be a bit of a puzzle. Many window cleaners experience difficulties in achieving spot and streak free windows on a constant basis. This is because certain windows have always required different techniques to achieve a spot free clean. Just one of the differences among many others is hydrophobic (water hating) and hydrophillic (water loving) glass being just one of the problems WFP window cleaners face. We aim to help all WFP window cleaners to consistently achieve great results, while being able to work faster and earn more.

‘Vision’ pure water additive is designed to be added directly to pure water at a ratio of 1 millilitre per 100 litres of pure (1-100,000). At this ratio you will notice the brush head will glide along the glass very smoothly, while also making windows more hydrophillic than usual which really speeds up the final rinse. Another benefit is cleaning power! With ‘vision’ added to your water, stubborn marks like bird mess and snail trails will come off easier which speeds up your working day and helps achieve all round better results. We’ve even added a pleasant and natural aroma of citrus so you can instantly tell if it is mixed thoroughly in your pure water.

  • Faster cleaning
  • Great shine
  • Added cleaning power
  • Reduced spotting issues
  • Most windows become more Hydrophilic
  • Does not raise TDS

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