Vision TFR “CUASTIC” 5 Litre
May 6, 2018
June 24, 2018
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Vision “NON CAUSTIC”TFR 5 Litre


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Vision TFR NON Caustic  is a new product aimed at UPVC cleaning . This is a powerful cleaning chemical that will help you achieve great results . Its concentrated and economical in use .. we advise always try a test patch .

Simply pre wet soiled area to be cleaned , apply TFR by dipping brush into a bucket that has 250ml to 500ml TFR and then apply . Once applied then agitate and wash using wfp method or by hand sponges .

Some wfp methods are used by applying via a backpack and sprayer , we advise to be careful of surrounding vehicles , persons and grass areas . Wear appropriate PPE

To apply in a backpack sprayer of 18 litres we advise approx 100:1 ratio so 18 litre pack pack would be 180ml . The user can dose stronger as their preference

Read Label advice

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