14957-illustration-of-a-globe-pvInternational Partners.

‘Vision’ from Jigsaw Innovations¬† has been developed and tested by window cleaners from all over the world. As a result of this we have the benefit of having regional specific versions of the ‘Vision’ pure water additive.

We have carried out extensive testing of our additives in different climates, and one thing that can prove difficult to moderate is temperature. Water in general behaves different whether it is hot, or if it’s cold. So even with our pure water additives this was still the case. It is definitely not a case of “one size fits all”.

Even here in the UK we have found that results can differ from users in Scotland to users in Devon. As a result of this several adjustments have been made for UK users to all experience the great results that ‘Vision’ can provide. For optimal results though, we have found it necessary to bring out a different solution for much warmer and variable climates such as Australia and America.

Our colleagues over seas will be happy to provide the product that suits your needs and that will benefit your business the most. Contact Us for details of distributors near you.


  • We've used vision for over a year now and we wouldn't dream of working without it. My customers have noticed the extra shine on both the glass and the upvc. It cuts through fly poo and snail trails much better than just pure water
    Blake Stiles
    West Midlands
  • Would just like to say a massive thank you on receiving my tucker brush and how good your service is. I have use this brush 4 days now and my results are fantastic. I would highly recommend this brush to anyone. So thank you again on your great service
    Ryan Doherty
    Doncaster and Barnsley
  • Just a review on The Tucker brushes I purchased from David, I have to say I have tried most brands of brushes on the market today and for me both the Tucker brushes mono and hybrid stand head and shoulders above all of them. I have had the mono now a couple of Months and is still as new, the scrubbing power is excellent and cuts through birds droppings and other dirt very efficiently. Would I buy another, most definitely.
    Ciaran Tohill
    Moneyglass Window Cleaning, Northern Ireland.